StreamSend Email Marketing Software Review 2018

Streamsend is a web based email marketing software that can enable you create targeted email campaigns to send to your contacts .StreamSend is actually rated as one of the top 10 email marketing company due to the fact that you can build creative emails and manage your lists to deliver the results you really need . Streamsend will enable you to create targeted emails , build and expand your contact list , import existing list , manage and segment your lists and be able to track your result . StreamSend has hundreds of templates that you can select for your email campaign . If you don't know how to set up a good email campaign , their expert will help you set up a good email campaign in minutes . Streamsend also provide weekly webinars which will direct you on how to succeed with your email marketing campaign .

StreamSend also intergrates with google analytics which you can use to track your campaign . StreamSend also provide you with your own IP address thus enabling you to take control of your sender reputation .

Email Creation

StreamSend offers about 25 templates that you can use in creating your email campaign . You can also create emails from scratch using your own HTML code . StreamSend also has an HTML editor that you can use to adjust your custom templates with your content . You can also drag and drop emails to your content using their online image editor . A big plus with StreamSend is that they have a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit your email while seeing exactly how it will look to your recipient . You can preview your email in 30 email clients and test with 9 spam filters . As for image hosting StreamSend offers unlimited space for your images . Sending your email with StreamSend is straightforward . You can segment your lists thus targeting your messages to specific audience . StreamSend has an autoresponder that you can set up to trigger to send at certain times or dates .

Contact Management

With StreamSend you can import or export your list to Excel with just one click . You can import your contacts from excel if saved as a TXT file and you can also copy and paste your contacts . However you cannot import your contacts from applications like outlook or any other email provider like , etc . StreamSend has a subscribe/unsubscribe management feature that automatically ensure that your list is accurate. StreamSend does not automatically remove unsubscribes or bounces from your contact list but instead labels them as "unsubscribed" users in your contact list . With StreamSend you can segment your list into multiple lists thus enabling you to send emails to specific subscribers having thesame information .

Website sign-up form

Streamsend has customizable website sign-up forms that you can easily set up on your website or blog to capture leads .

Email reporting and analysis .

Streamsend provide real time reporting where you can see opens , views , clicks , bounces emails . You can view your click-through rates , bounces , forwarded emails , unsubscribes and many more . Streamsend also intergrates with google analytics which allows you to track a wide variety of user activity such as how many clicks convert to leads or sales and many more features that an email marketing software can't provide . StreamSend also offers A/B split email testing capabilities which means that you can send out two versions of one email then compare their performance . This will enable you to know how you can improve on your email campaign .

StreamSend Customer Support

StreamSend offer phone support Mondays to Fridays from 8a.m to 5p.m PT . They provide a Toll free phone number , They provide a U.S Toll free number , U.K Toll free number and an international number . However streamsend does not provide online chat support or any email support thus making their customer support to be limited .

StreamSend pricing

Free trial

Anyone can try StreamSend for 30 days free . During your 30 days trial period you are allow to send 200 emails to your subscribers or contacts .

Pricing plan

The streamsend pricing plan is set up differently from most of the other email marketing services on the web . Instead of paying one Monthly fee to send unlimited emails to a set of contacts , instead you pay a Monthly fee that lets you send a certain number of emails per Month . They offer email-based pricing which starts at 2000 emails for $19.90 per Month . The full pricing plan is shown below .

Price Per Month Emails Per Month Additional per 1,000
$19.90/mo 2,000 $5.00
$39.90/mo 10,000 $4.00
$59.90/mo 20,000 $3.00
$99.90/mo 50,000 $2.00
$159.90/mo 100,000 $1.60
$209.90/mo 150,000 $1.40
contact StreamSend 150,000+  

StreamSend is an email marketing software for sending HTML email newsletters & promotions. You can use your own HTML or use streamsend email templates for sending your campaigns . Test drive StreamSend now and launch your first email marketing campaign in minutes .