Tips of Writing Good Subject Lines for Emails

People who are new to email marketing really want to know how to write a good subject line for their emails to enable their recipients to read their emails. Even veteran email marketers having email marketing companies find it hard to write a good email subject line. For you to succeed in your email campaign or to make good sales in your business, your subject lines need to compel your subscribers to open and read any email that you send to them.

All email messages fall into one of 3 major categories.

1. Questions or messages that require a respond from the reader.

2. Responses or messages that are a response from the reader.

3. Informational or messages that are meant to just inform the reader but does not require any response.

Let us consider the case where you want to advertise a product to your subscribers. So in this case we will consider the 3rd option above which is just to inform your subscribers about your product. So in other to write a good email subject you need to first consider the benefits of your product or service from the customer's point of view.

a. Is your product going to save them money?

b. Will your product improves on their lives in some ways?

c. What are the advantages of purchasing your products over others?

d. What guarantee does your product provide

Once you have taken all your benefits into consideration then you will need to write an email subject that emphasizes these benefits. Provided below are some procedures or tips to follow to write a good subject line.

1. Keep it short and meaningful.

When writing you email subject or title keep it short to about 50 characters or less. Studies has shown that email subjects with 50 characters or less receives about 70% click-through rates.

2. You subject line should contain a description of your email.

You should first write your email content then select those important elements of your email to write your email subject. Select important elements like your company name, What is the purpose of your email, the benefits of your product and the name of any product or service you want to market. Use all these factors to write a short 50 character or less email title.

3. Use A/B split testing tool.

When you are able to finally create for example 2 different email subjects, test them using the A/B split testing tool. That is split your list into two sections and use a different subject line for each. After a number of test like this, you will be able to know the best performing email subject.

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