How to write an effective email

These days most people communicate more and more but through email . People use email to communicate with their friends , family members , co-workers , colleagues and more . No matter who the recipient of your email may be , it is extremely very important that you write an effective email . Writing an effective email is very important because it enable you to win the trust and confidence from your recipient .

Since most people contact each other but through emails , they expect prompt responses . So when your customers contact you via email , they expect a response from you within the possible shortest time . One of the study by Jupital Research indicates that about 35% of customers expect a reply within 6 hours , while about 55% expect a response within 24 hours . Apart from response time , the content of your email should be very important . Lack of a good response from your part will cause your customers to view your company negatively when making feature purchases .

Here are some tips for writing an effective email

  1. Make sure the subject line is concise and meaningful to the recipient . Keep your subject line short and meaningful . It should be about 50 characters or less . Your subject line should contain a description of your email .
  2. Format your email content so that it is easy to read on the screen . Donot write your email using long sentences . Each line in your sentense should be short having about 5-6 words and not more than that .
  3. Have one subject per paragraph . Seperate the subjects by using black lines so that it is easy to read and understand by your recipient .
  4. You should note that an email is not an electronic letter so make your email content to contain as few words as possible . Use just few words to convey your message .
  5. You donot know the educational level of your recipients so use very simple english in writing your message . Your recipients may not be very confortable with english so please use simple , declarative sentences .
  6. Once you've properly written your email content , read it twice and correct any spelling errors before sending it to your recipients

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