infusionsoft email marketing software review 2016

infusionsoft is a web-base email marketing software that provides email marketing to small business and entrepreneurs thus enabling them to grow in their business . Infusionsoft provides email marketing 2.0 which means that all the traditional benefits of email marketing is supplemented with an integrated contact manager , powerful automation and the ability to send additional type of messages such as letters , postcards , Faxes and voice messages . What makes infusionsoft email marketing service so ideal for small businesses is that it incorporates customer relationship management (CRM) in to the email marketing process . With CRM system , infusionsoft delivers with autoresponders targeted emails to prospects as well as having the ability to deliver messages via email , sms and voice messages .

With infusionsoft you can intergrate email marketing functionality to your website , design beautiful emails using their templates and their drag and drop email builder and create automatic follow up emails with their autoresponders . You can also use their powerful email automation engine to start and stop autoresponders based on the action of your subscribers . With infusionsoft you can create and send ultra-targeted campaigns to segmented group of prospect and have the ability to track your campaigns .

Intergrating infusionsoft to your website

Infusionsoft enables you to generate online sign up forms and integrate them to your website . You can use their simple form builder to specify which fields you want to capture . When people fill out the forms they will be automatically be added to your infusionsoft customer database meaning your can turn your website into powerful list building device . You can then communicate with those who have opted-in or subscribe to your lists .

Create and send ultra targeted campaigns

Once your prospects have opted-in , you can improve your campaign performance by segmented your lists with customers having similar properties belonging to thesame list . Being able to segment your list and making your mailing more specific to a set of customers can really boost the response rates and thus increase your sales .

Campaign tracking and reporting

With infusionsoft you can see how well your campaign convert . You will be able to see open rates , click rates , opt-out rates and bounce rates for each campaign you send . With all these informations you can tailor feature campaigns for maximum profitability .

Designing professional looking emails

You can use the infusionsoft drag and drop editor to easily design emails that match your websitev . To design your emails all you need to do is just upload your logo . Use infusionsoft build-in color guide to pick the perfect colour you need then drag and drop your preferred content in your email . Designing your emails to look similar to your website will make it easy for your subscribers to visit your website .

Play with real Automation

Infusionsoft has a build-in automation engine that you can use to automatically start or stop any Autoresponder when a person fills out a form , open an email or click a link . This is extremely useful as it means you can create a sequence of emails to your subscribers based upon their actions .

Why your emails get delivered

Since infusionsoft use permission-based email marketing practices , their emails delivery rate exceeds 97% . They also have an entire team of email geeks that spend their entire time making sure your emails get through . Infusionsoft has delivered over 2 billion emails to thousands of businesses .

With infusionsoft you can centralize all your contacts into one database and will be able to track your contacts . You will be able to know who filled out the sign up form on your site ., who responded to your last email campaign and more . You can also import contacts from other email marketing services like Aweber , Constant Contact and more .

Customer service

Infusionsoft have a customer community and forums . They also provide live training events and provide a fax and telephone number that you can easily use to contact them for questions .

Infusionsoft pricing

Pricing Plan

Infusionsoft offers four software packages . Standard , Plus , Premier , Elite and Enterprise . The difference between them is mainly based upon the number of user accounts , contacts and op-in or sending emails . The full pricing structure is shown below .

Plans Standard Plus Premier Elite Enterprise
Monthly Price $199/Mo $299/Mo $499/Mo $699/Mo $999/Mo
User Accounts 2 5 10 15 20
Contacts 5,000 20,000 100,000 250,000 500,000
Opt-in Emails Unlimited Unlimited 500,000 1.2 Million 2.5 Million
Built-in CRM yes yes yes yes yes
Lead Nurturing yes yes yes yes yes
Multi-Media Marketing yes yes yes yes yes
Marketing Automation yes yes yes yes yes
Email Marketing 2.0 yes yes yes yes yes

Small Businesses , grow your business with marketing automation. Send the right message to the right person and at the right time intelligently and automatically! . Infusionsoft is the leader in Email Marketing 2.0. By combining a powerful CRM with email marketing, small businesses can grow faster and smarter. Try infusionsoft now free .

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