EasyContact email marketing company review 2016

EasyContact is an email marketing company that is owned by Deluxe Enterprise operations . It is an intuitive email marketing platform that let small business owners to easily create , send and manage email campaigns with ease . EasyContact is a web based application that can be used to send emails . You don't need to download or install any software to your computer.

Email marketing campaign creation

In creating an email campaign you will first provide some basic information about your business name , business address , phone number and the email address you're going to send your newsletter from . Next the easycontact wizard will take you to a galary of email templates where you can choose one relating to your industry . EasyContact has hundreds of professional designed email templates that you can use such as Newsletter Format , announcement and other formats to choose from . The last step in the email creating process is to insert your content . You can easily add your own content , format your text and add links . You can add your own images when creating your email or you can choose from the more than 40,000 free images that easycontact provides . Once you've created your email , you can send it in HTML or rich-text format .

Building your Email list

The easycontact wizard makes building your email list very easy . You can either enter your recipients email addresses one by one or you can import them from your email program . Once you've created your email list you can schedule your email campaigns to go out on specific dates and times . Just set the date and time and easycontact will do the rest for you. You can even schedule multiple campaigns to specific distribution groups .

Contact Management

Once you've created your email list , you can easily add , edit or delete individual contacts . You can even create groups or merge lists for specific campaigns . You have the possibility to create an unlimited number of email lists within your account . All emails that you send to your recipients has a mandatory unsubscribe link at the buttom . Double opt-in process to validate subscribers is also available .

Campaign reporting

EasyContact has a reporting section that will actually keep you informed about your email campaign . From here you can know whether your email newsletter campaign is succeeding or not . From the reporting section you can see how many of your recipients opened your newsletter and also how many people that responded to your campaign . This will actually assist you to refine your future campaigns . From this section you can view bounce backs emails and recipients that have opt-out from your list .

Customer Support

EasyContact has a 24 hour live chat support team that will assist you with any questions and also provide phone and email support . They also have recommended articles that you can read to know more about email marketing and how you can effectively use it make your business grow .

EasyContact Pricing

Free Trial

New members can try easycontact free for 60 days where they can send unlimited emails to up to 250 email addresses or contacts

Pricing plan

The easycontact pricing plan is Monthly where you can send an unlimited emails to your contacts or subscribers Monthly .The full plan is shown below .

Subscribers Price Per Month Sending Emails
0-250 $9 Unlimited
251-1000 $14 Unlimited
1001-2500 $25 Unlimited
2501-5000 $40 Unlimited
5001-10,000 $65 Unlimited
10,000+ Contact easycontact Unlimited

EasyContact email marketing service can enable you send targeted emails easily for your business using their email marketing tools. Try EasyContact free .

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