Constant Contact Email Marketing Review 2018

Constant contact email marketing firm can enable you create effective and professional email newsletters using their 400+ email templates
Constant Contact email marketing helps small businesses , non profit organizations and associations to connect with their customers , members and clients . Constant Contact assist them with an easy and affordable way to build successful and lasting customer relationships . Constant Contact helps all types of small businesses and organizations to create professional-looking email newsletters and surveys to send to their customers . Constant Contact currently has more than 10,000 customers worldwide since its creation in 1998 . Constant Contact in-house experts will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to use email marketing successfully live from the confort of your home or office .

Email Creation

Constant Contact has everything you need to create effective and professional email newsletters . Constant Contact has more than 400+ email templates that you can use in creating your email . With their editing tool you can customize your email newsletters by dragging and dropping images , resize images , adjust fonts and more . Once you've created your email you have the possibility to preview your email campaign to make sure it's perfect . You can also run an easy anti-spam test to make sure that your email will get delivered . You can send your email immediately or you can schedule your email delivery for when your audience are mostly likely to check their email . You can use their Autoresponder feature to automatically send " welcome " or " thank you " emails .

Boost customer communication

Keep your customers and prospect coming back with email newsletters . You can use social media like Facebook , Twitter , Linkedln and more to reach customers and members . You can segment your email lists by customer interests thus sending relevant and targeted emails directly to targeted customers . You can increase your mailing list by putting Constant Contact " Join my mailing list " button on your website or Facebook page .

Email tracking and reporting

Constant Contact has graphs and reports section that will show you your email marketing response rate . You will see real-time email reports . From there you will be able to see who opens your emails , who forwards them to friends and who clicks on which links . You will be able to see what percentage of your email marketing list opened your email and who they are and which links generated the most click-throughs and interest . You will also learn when a new contact signs up , see which email addresses in each campaign bounced and learn why they bounced so that you can cantact your customers to find out why or update your database . This will enable you to know what people are interesting in so that you can tailor your content , boost responses and grow your business .

Contact Management

Constant Contact offers a variety of ways in which you can import contacts including direct contact importations from Gmail , Excel , Outlook , Saleforce and more . They provide autoresponders and automatically remove unsubscribes and bounces .

Customer Support

They offer phone , live chat and email support from 9a.m to 9p,m ET Monday to Friday and also offer additional email support during the weekends from 9a.m to 9p.m ET . Constant Contact also provide text and video tutorials that will assist you in learning their service . In addition their online FAQ is searchable where you can access pertinent information.

Constant Contact pricing

Free trial

Constant Contact offer free 60-day trial that can enable you to send an unlimited emails to up to 100 contacts .

Pricing plan

Anyone can try Constant Contact email marketing free for 60 days with no credit card required . Constant Contact prices are Monthly and are based on the number of contacts in your mailing list . That means you can send as many emails as you want without affecting your Monthly Fee . You can send unlimited emails to all the email addresses in your contact list . The prices are as shown below .

Subscribers Price per Month Sending Emails
1-500 $15 unlimited
501-2500 $30 unlimited
2501 to 5000 $50 unlimited
5001 to 10,000 $75 unlimited
10,000 to 25,000 $150 unlimited
25000+ Call Constant Contact  

ConstantContact email marketing software makes it easy for you to create professional HTML email campaigns with no tech skills. Sign up for a 60-Day FREE trial.