Benchmark Email Marketing Software Review 2018

Benchmark is an award winning email marketing company on the web. Benchmark will enable you create targeted email campaigns and newsletters to deliver to your recipients. Benchmark has more than 400 html templates that you can use in creating your campaigns. Benchmark has holiday email templates like Christmas, Easter, New year's Eve and more. Benchmark has a real-time tracking and reporting tool that will enable you see who opens your email campaign, who forwarded them to friends, family. You should be able to see which email bounced and more.

Benchmark has a powerful Autoresponder tool that you can use to schedule your email campaigns to be sent at specific times of the day, week or year. Benchmark has dozen of online sign-up forms that you can integrate on your website, blog or Facebook page to capture visitors email addresses thus increasing your mailing list. Benchmark is currently providing a 30 day free trial to new customers to test their services. During this trial period you will be able to send an unlimited emails to 600 subscribers on your mailing list.

Email Campaign Creation

Benchmark has an easy drag and drop editor that you can use in creating your email campaign. With their drag and drop editor you can choose background color, font type and size, insert images, videos or surveys and more. Once you have created your email campaigns, you can schedule them to go out days, weeks or Months later.

Selecting From Over 400 Html Email Templates

Benchmark has 400+ html email templates that you can use to create your email campaign. Benchmark has templates organized into different categories. Benchmark has holiday email templates like Christmas, New year’s Eve, Easter, thanksgiving and more. Use this award winning holiday templates to send holiday messages. They also have educational templates, Entertainment email templates and social media templates like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Email Tracking And Reporting

Benchmark has real-time tracking and reporting tools that will enable you to see who opens your emails, who forwarded them to friends, family and who clicks on which links. See which email bounced and make notes on which emails to take off your list for next time. Track who unsubscribed so you can get a jump start in growing your list to make up for lost subscribers. You can view your campaigns side-by-side and compare how well each one did.

Opt-In Email List Management

Benchmark has a powerful list management tool that you can use to keep your lists in tip top shape with little or no headache. Use this tool to divide your list to send better targeted emails. Clean your lists of bounces, useless email addresses and more. Group your list by adding new contacts .

Benchmark Autoresponders

Benchmark Autoresponder system lets you schedule individual emails to send at the time of your choosing. Whether in a day, a week , Month or even a year. Simply create your Autoresponder messages, specify the timing of each send and assign the message to a list. Each time someone is added to your list, they will begin receiving your Autoresponder messages.

Benchmark Online Sign-Up Form

Benchmark email lets you create your own online signup forms with their easy to use editing software. They have dozens of custom signup forms to choose from if you don’t like creating one. Once you have the Benchmark signup form, you can add it on your Facebook page, website and blog to collect subscribers. Use this sign-up form to collect visitors visiting your website, blog or Facebook page. This will enable you to increase your list.

Online Surveys

You can use the Benchmark email marketing tool to create professional online surveys to send to your customers. Benchmark has dozens of online survey templates that will enable you to create professional surveys. Online surveys show you exactly where recipients stand and which emails should be sent to which groups of customers. The two simple ways to invite people to take your survey is through email invitation and website link. Send emails to your contacts inviting them to take your survey. Put your online survey link on your website inviting people to take your survey.

Benchmark Mobile Email Marketing

The Benchmark APP for the iphone and Android gives you email marketing on the go, wherever you are, whenever you want. Once you’ve installed their email marketing APP on your mobile device, you’ll be able to add contacts to your email list preview your email and manage your email list on the go.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is an essential part of email marketing. Benchmark integrates with social media such as Facebook , twitter and LinkedIn. This will enable you to share your email newsletter with your fans. Benchmark has several social media HTML templates that you can use to promote your social media. Benchmark has a Facebook like button that you can add to your newsletter. They also offer a clickable twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn buttons that you can add to any section of your email newsletter. Subscribers clicking on these links will bring them right to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

Customer Support

They offer phone , live chat and email support 24/7. Benchmark also provide text and video tutorials that will assist you in learning their service . In addition their online FAQ is searchable where you can access pertinent information. You can participate in entertaining and informative online seminars and request live courses on special e-marketing topics.

Benchmark pricing

Free trial

Anyone can try Benchmark Email Marketing service for 30 days¨ . You will be able to add up to 600 subscribers to your contact list and send an unlimited emails to your subscribers . After your trial period you will be charge $11.95 on a recurring Monthly basis.

Benchmark Pricing plan

Benchmark prices are Monthly and are based on the number of contacts in your mailing list . That means you can send as many emails as you want without affecting your Monthly Fee . You can send unlimited emails to all the email addresses in your contact list . The prices are as shown below . .

Subscribers Price per Month Sending Emails
1-600 $11.95 unlimited
601-1000 $18.95 unlimited
1001 to 2500 $28.95 unlimited
2501 to 3500 $39.95 unlimited
3501 to 5000 $46.95 unlimited
5001 to 10000 $73.95 unlimited
10001 to 20000 $120.95 unlimited
20001 to 30000 $179.95 unlimited
30001 to 50000 $230.95 unlimited
50001 to 75000 $339.95 unlimited
75001 to 100000 $460.00 unlimited
For more than 100,000 subscribers call Benchmark

Benchmark will enable you create beautiful email campaigns, newsletters and online surveys using their 400+ templates to send to your mailing list or contacts. Benchmark is currently offering s 30 day free trial to new customers so sign-up now.