AciveCampaign email marketing software review

ActiveCampaign is a web base email marketing software that allows you to send permission based mailing to lists of subscribers . Over 50,000 email marketers use ActiveCampaign for their email marketing campaign . ActiveCampaign founded in 2003 combines all aspect of email marketing into a single and easy to use platform . With ActiveCampaign you can easily create beautiful and engaging emails and send them to your segmented subscribers . ActiveCampaign makes email marketing very easy . You can design engaging emails using one of their free templates or design your own from scratch . You can use their email editor to create beautiful emails . With ActiveCampaign you can segment your list based on subscriber data or subscriber action . Regardless of your server condition , list size or message complexity , ActiveCampaign sending engine will process , track and send your campaigns in a reliable manner to ensure maximum delivery . ActiveCampaign also has a reporting and analytic feature that you can view campaign reports such as reads , clicked , links , forwards , unsubscribes , bounces and more . ActiveCampaign will also provide you with educational guide and customer support to help you succeed in your business .

Email Creation

You can easily design custom emails that match your branding and goals using their campaign creation wizard . You can use their WYSIWYG( What you see is what you get ) editor to create stunning emails without any HTML or programming experience . You have the ability to add images and links to your campaign . ActiveCampaign will even assist you in finding the right type of campaign , showing you all the options and allow you to send test emails and more before you save or send the campaign . With ActiveCampaign a simple one click spam check option is available to you before you send your mailing . Upon clicking on " Check spam filter " you will get a box with your spam count and a detailed break down of every item that was found in your mailing that may actually indicate your mailing as been spam . You can then adjust your mailing as needed to improve your spam count . ActiveCampaign also has an inbox preview emaail testing feature that will enable you to quickly view your email as how it would be displayed in the major email clients .

ActiveCampaign powerful Auto Responders

With ActiveCampaign you can set up any number of Auto Responders . You can easily add any number of time-sensitive auto responders to any of your lists . For example you may have one instant auto responder that welcomes the new subscriber , have another auto responder that send a message 24 hours after that subscription and another that send a mail a week later . You can even set these mailings to certain demographics or subscriber details .

ActiveCampaign conditional content

ActiveCampaign allows you to create dynamic content with a single campaign . You can create dynamic content that will only show for subscribers who match certain conditions . For example you have a campaign that shows different products depending on the gender or age of the subscriber .

ActiveCampaign split testing feature

Split testing is very important for any email marketing campaign to succeed . With ActiveCampaign you can send multiple version of a message ( such as version with different content or subject ) to a certain number of subscribers and analyze the results to determine the one with the best click rate . ActiveCampaign email marketing will even determine the winning email for you automatically and send the winning email to the remaining subscribers . ActiveCampaign actually determine the winning or best message based on open or click rates .

ActiveCampaign subscription form

With ActiveCampaign you can generate custom subscription for your website You can embed the generated web form into any page on your website and set the URL's for redirection . The generated subscription form code is basic HTML that can be embedded into any type of website .

ActiveCampaign support for multiple languages

What makes ActiveCampaign very different from other email marketing services is its support for multiple languages . With ActiveCampaign email marketing you can easily send email campaigns , auto responder and more in any language that you really want . For example you can send your campaign to subscribers base in a specific country using their language .

ActiveCampaign List Segmentation

ActiveCampaign allows you to segment your list into smaller and more targeted email lists .

ActiveCampaign Reporting and Analytics

ActiveCampaign provide comprehensive reporting and analytics that will help you analyze your contacts and your campaign . Statistics will be provided on who opened and read your mailing , at what date and how many times . Who clicks on each link , how many times they clicked and at what date . You will be able to view who unsubscribed from a specific campaign and the reason they unsubscribed . You will also be able to view a list of subscribers who resulted in a bounced email . You can also see what time of the day receive the most opens and what day of the week achieves the highest opens .ActiveCampaign email marketing automatically tracks the email client that subscribers are using . With all the reportings provided by ActiveCampaign you can use all the informations to help improve your overall marketing .

ActiveCampaign intergration with third party software

You can quickly intergrate ActiveCampaign subscription forms into your wordpress blog, on your Facebook profile or fan page . You can automatically post your campaigns to twitter and track the result . ActiveCampaign fully intergrates with google analytics allowing you to track links and read/opens using analytics .

Customer Support

ActiveCampaign provide email support ,live chat support , phone and Fax support .

ActiveCampaign pricing

Free Trial

ActiveCampaign allows anyone to use their web base email marketing software free for 30 days where you will be able to add 250 subscribers to your list and send up to 1250 emails to your subscribers or contacts . No credit card is needed to sign up for the free trial .

Pricing plan

ActiveCampaign has two type of pricing plan which are the Monthly plan and the pay as you go plan . The Monthly plan is the most popular option where you pay a low Monthly fee ( based on how many subscribers you have ) and can send an unlimited emails to them . The full plan is shown below .

Subscribers Price Per Month Sending Emails
0 - 500 $9 Unlimited
501 - 1,000 $17 Unlimited
1,001 - 2,500 $29 Unlimited
2,501 - 5,000 $49 Unlimited
5,001 - 10,000 $75 Unlimited
10,001 - 25,000 $149 Unlimited
25,001 - 50,000 $349 Unlimited
50,000+ Contact ActiveCampaign Unlimited

The next pricing plan is the pay as you go plan where you purchase but email credits and use them whenever you want . Email credits never expires and thus good for anyone that send emails once in a while . The full pay as you go plan is shown below .

Credits Total Cost Price Per Email
500 $15 $0.03
1,000 $30 $0.03
2,500 $75 $0.03
5,000 $100 $0.02
10,000 $200 $0.02
25,000 $250 $0.01
50,000 $500 $0.01
75,000 $600 $0.008
100,000 $700 $0.007
250,000 $1,250 $0.005

ActiveCampaign is a web based software company focused on email marketing for small to medium businesses .ActiveCampaign is a web based software that can help you market and extend your web site and web based marketing. A leader in online and web based software products. Try ActiveCampaign free

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